I'm not evil,
You're just weak,
You're too afraid to taste a thing so sweet,
It's ok,
More for me,
I think you're better off dead.

I can't deny what is a part of me,
I take joy out of your misery,
Lay down,
Lay down,
Lay down,
I guess that's what you do best.

I can't give you what you need but I can give you what you want,
I've found that all the things I love I despise,
I can't give you what you need but I can give you what you want,
And when you hate the things you love then learn to love the things
That you hate.

I want one thing,
I want one thing,
You living in hell,
It's so much better than apologies,
I want to watch it swell,
Don't need to be the one who does it to you,
Don't need to twist the knife or push it through,
Just want to see that you're in misery too,
Just like me inside.

Their greedy eyes light up,
They're salivating,
Everyone knows there's no better way,
It's like a crime to you,
It's like the best for me,
Let it all out.

You can't give me what I need but you will give me what I want,
And then I'll leave what's left of you to the flies,
You can't give us what we need but you will give us what we want,
My dear your guests are waiting,
Time to begin


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